Mobile Marketing Automation Company Swrve Raises $10M to Fuel Expansion

Mobile Marketing Automation Company Swrve Raises 10M to Fuel ExpansionSwrve, the mobile marketing automation startup that combines elements of an ad network, analytics solution, user engagement engine, and user acquisition tool, wants to move forward.

To that end, Swrve has recently raised $10 million to fuel a sales, marketing, and engineering expansion.

According to a post at VentureBeat, “The second round of funding is one of the first tasks accomplished by Christopher Dean, who became chief executive of San Francisco-based Swrve three months ago.”

Swrve’s claim to fame?

For starters, Swrve has proven helpful to gamemakers as well as mobile-app companies. Its customer base includes more than 100 firms. Additionally, Swrve now has more than 500 million unique device identities, and it processes more than 3 billion events every day. Current clients include Activision, Warner Brothers, Beamly, Electronic Arts, and Tagged.

The companies use Swrve to find out data about their best users, what their preferences are, and how to get them engaged with a game. It offers multivariate testing of options, a dashboard for easier analysis, and an ability to personalize the user’s experience with an app in real-time.

“As our conventional understanding of ‘e-commerce’ becomes increasingly obsolete and more and more consumers conduct business via mobile devices, it is platforms like Swrve that will control and grow the consumer relationship,” said Dean. “Our vision is to orchestrate the messages and content around data and increase the retention of users to make them lifelong customers. We are moving to nontechnical customers in a wide variety of markets, and this capital will enable us to reach them quickly and efficiently.”