Mobile Marketing Association Touts Launch of MMA Mexico

With Latin America becoming an even more important part of the mobile landscape with each passing year, today the Mobile Marketing Association announced the launch of MMA Mexico.

This is the newest of the 20 local MMA Councils that have been rolled out worldwide.

The organization says that MMA Mexico was created in direct response to the palpable need for industry support and guidance to create mobile success in Mexico.

“With the opening of operations in Mexico, we are following through on our 2012 plan to build councils throughout the region, including Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, where the mobile market is presenting extraordinarily strong growth,” says Marcio Chaer, Managing Director of MMA Latin America. “The fast development that the mobile market is showing in Latin America is going to be intensified with the impact of MMA operations in those countries.”

“The launch of MMA Mexico allows members to benefit from the combination of the MMA’s global leadership and local knowledge to create an even more productive, successful and powerful mobile marketing industry for Mexico,” says Greg Stuart, CEO of the MMA. “The creation of new MMA Local Councils worldwide also shows that globally, marketers are recognizing and embracing the power of mobile, and they want to work with us to make mobile an indispensable part of the marketing mix.”