Mobile Marketing Association to Establish Best Practices for Mobile Analytics with New Committee

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has announced the formation of a new mobile analytics committee, the goal of which is to “address and establish industry standards and methodologies for mobile analytics.”

On Thursday, the MMA revealed hopes that the committee’s findings will help govern the practice of mobile analytics and the evolution of mobile into a marketer’s eCRM efforts.

“The opportunity for companies and brands through SMS programs, mobile sites and applications is staggering, yet there are no clear metrics or measurement standards to guide a brand’s marketing efforts today,” the MMA said in a press release.

In addition, the committee will be charged with creating definitions and guidelines for data collection, which – the MMA contends – may help fuel the continued growth of mobile marketing and mobile advertising.

Charter committee members include:

  • Co-chair Michael Ricci, vice president of mobile, Webtrends
  • Co-chair Doug Busk, Mobile Brand Strategy – Global Connections – The Coca-Cola Company
  • Barbara Williams, mobile marketing global practice leader, Microsoft
  • Jeff Torgerson, senior product manager,, Microsoft
  • Paul Strupp, senior analytics product manager at RIM
  • Chris Wayman, vice president & GM – mobile at Merkle
  • Eric Rickson, director of mobile analytics, Webtrends

“There are no clear standards today for marketers to measure their mobile efforts, and this is an issue we have been asked to address by our member companies,” says Michael Becker, Managing Director of the Mobile Marketing Association. “For the practice of mobile marketing to continue to thrive, it’s imperative that the same analytics rigor that exists for the Internet, email, search and social media become a key reality in this industry’s evolution. Through the formation of the mobile analytics committee, we are providing a much-needed forum to address the needs of the industry today.”