Mobile Marketing Association Releases New Data Tools

The Mobile Marketing Association recently announced the availability of new data tools and MMW was excited to learn all the details of this important development from the MMA.

Working with over 50 of the top brand marketers, along with attribution and marketing analytics experts, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has made available a set of tools “critical for any marketer who is using – or plans to adopt – Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA).”

The tools, the MMA MTA DataMap and the MTA Data Strategy Guide, were announced at the SM2 Innovation Summit, and are the third wave of resources developed by the association’s Marketing Attribution Think Tank (MATT) and its two industry working groups, Data Quality & Accuracy and Walled Gardens.

The MMA, in conjunction with the working group comprised of more than 50 marketers, uncovered that brands must, first and foremost, have a solid and well-thought-out data strategy before MTA can be deployed successfully. By providing brands with the resources needed to accomplish this, the MMA hopes to simplify the MTA strategy conversation, qualify and organize types of data, and help guide the brand’s strategy, enabling marketers to quickly get up to speed and implement MTA solutions for their campaigns.

According to the official word, the release of the MTA data tools reinforces the mission of MATT, which is to help marketers select and apply MTA solutions with confidence.

“Aligned with this mission is a commitment from the CMO-led MMA Global and NA Boards as well as the MMA team to enable marketers and their agencies to achieve better marketing productivity by adopting measurement tools of the future – in other words, MTA,” the release concludes.

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