Mobile Marketing Association Publishes Expanded Mobile Ad Guidelines

On Tuesday, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) published the fifth edition of its “Mobile Advertising Guidelines.”

The guidelines – which ostensibly serve to provide marketers, agencies, wireless carriers, media companies and other ecosystem members with industry-standard technical specifications and best practices – are being expanded to include “two complementary documents for emerging opportunities in mobile marketing.” The referenced docs include “Draft Guidelines for Rich Media” and the “Universal Mobile Ad Package.”

The “Mobile Advertising Guidelines” have been now published for six years. Since 2005, they have been used and promoted as a trusted bastion of recommendations for the global ad units used in mobile advertising across virtually all of mobile media’s established channels.

According to a formal press release from the MMA, the “Rich Media Draft Guidelines” provide a high-level overview of Rich Media mobile ad units, criteria for creating and executing successful campaigns as well as proposals for how the MMA will continue to provide guidance to the market going forward.

“The Universal Mobile Ad Package” is a subset of the MMA’s widely adopted Mobile Advertising Guidelines, designed to streamline the creative and publishing processes.

“The MMA’s advertising guidelines have become the industry standard, providing the best practices that are key for maximizing the mobile channel’s reach and effectiveness,” said Greg Stuart, Global CEO of the MMA. “With the addition of the Rich Media and Universal Mobile Ad Package guidelines, the MMA continues its commitment to providing the ecosystem with the frameworks necessary to capitalize on emerging opportunities.”