Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) “Repositions” To Better Serve The Industry

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) announced recently that its beginning to reposition itself within the mobile marketing industry to better “promote and enable the global mobile marketing opportunity” and provide stronger benefits to its growing list of members.

In a press release issued yesterday, the MMA said the move is aimed at enhancing the association’s effectiveness at the global, regional and national levels to keep up with the fast evolution of the mobile marketing industry.  The repositioning is based on feedback from a survey of members and non-member companies across four regions regarding a global market assessment, the MMA’s challenges and opportunities and the expanded MMA global presence.

In a statement, Federico Pisani Massamormile, the MMA’s Global Board Chairman and Interim CEO, explained the need to better position the MMA for the future: “In its formative years, the MMA placed great emphasis on helping build a global industry, creating standards and guidelines to support the growth of a new industry,” he said.  “In many ways, the need to act as evangelists for the mobile channel has evolved into to a need to get brands and agencies to increase spend on a channel they’re now aware of. Marketers understand the need to include mobile in their plans, but still need support to find the right role for mobile in the marketing mix. We aim to make mobile an indispensable part of the marketing mix.”

The repositioned MMA will concentrate its efforts on what it believes to be the five building blocks of the industry. The MMA will:

  • Promote the channel, the industry and individual member companies to brands and agencies in order to create more commercial opportunities for its members, demonstrating that membership creates a competitive advantage for companies.
  • Educate brands, agencies and consumers about the full scale and scope of the mobile marketing channel, highlighting its advantages and benefits.
  • Measure by creating and developing authoritative measurement, metrics and insight into the size, growth, trends and effectiveness of mobile marketing.
  • Guide by continuing to create and develop guidelines, best practices and standards designed to ease the planning, purchase and implementation of mobile marketing.
  • Protect the opportunity by representing the industry before regulators and legislators and by managing industry self-regulatory programs to maximize public and industry confidence in mobile marketing, lower barriers to entry and minimize non-economic costs of doing business.