Mobile Marketing Association Launches 'Internet of Things' Incubation Council

Mobile Marketing Association Launches 'Internet of Things' Incubation CouncilOn Thursday morning, The Mobile Marketing Association announced the launch of the Internet of Things (IoT) Incubation Council.

This marks a first of its kind effort for the MMA.

The IoT Incubation Council, we’re told, will bring together various experts in IoT, marketing and technology fields and will focus on examining and understanding the impact that IoT technologies, like wearables and the connected car, will have on marketing.

The body will also probe how this ongoing evolution will change the way brands create products and services to interact with consumers.

“Mobile has clearly transformed business and has changed what’s possible for marketers as they engage their consumers. Now we are seeing how the Internet of Things is further disrupting the way in which brand marketers connect with their consumers. In essence, the product has become the medium,” says Sheryl Daija, chief strategy officer at the MMA. “The Council will help marketers prepare for this next mobile phenomenon and create a culture of education, experimentation and innovation.”

According to a statement shared with MMW, the MMA has already appointed two industry experts to co-chair the Council (Richard Ting, EVP and global executive creative director of mobile & social platforms at R/GA, and Gregory Kennedy, VP of marketing at Tapsense).

The MMA will “select and invite” a number of other industry influencers and leaders to join the IoT Incubation Council in the coming weeks.