Mobile Marketing Association: How Big is the Mobile Marketing Opportunity?

Mobile Marketing Association How Big is the Mobile Marketing OpportunityOn Tuesday, The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), kicked off its SM2 Innovation Summit with the release of a new report titled “How Big is the Mobile Marketing Opportunity.”

The report in question explores the mobile ad market opportunity for both marketers and mobile ad/media sellers.

Impressively, the report indicates that global ad spend could reach as much as $220 billion globally and $70 billion in the U.S. alone (excluding mobile search).

“Our analysis indicates that the amount brands should spend on mobile has been grossly underestimated and that the industry is likely to be larger than currently predicted,” said Greg Stuart, CEO at the MMA. “

We hope this report challenges marketers and agencies to look deeper at how they are allocating their ad dollars, as marketing executives who choose to move first to optimize mobile advertising spend will open an important competitive advantage – a tangible share shift,” he adds. “For the largest advertisers, this could mean hundreds of millions of dollars of additional annual revenue with billion dollar incremental market cap implications, all without spending another advertising dollar.”

If you were unable to attend SM2, the MMA has made its full report available to download online. To get it, click here.