Mobile Marketing a Must, Not an Option Anymore

Mobile Marketing a Must, Not an Option AnymoreAdvertising and marketing have to do one thing above all: stay up to speed with the changing times and react as quickly as possible.

According to Calvin Wolf, a digital journalist based in Midland, Texas, today that means adding mobile to the mix of a successful marketing plan.

“Over time, the rise of the Internet has competed with the viability of traditional advertising mediums like radio and television, with consumers spending more and more time online,” writes Wolf.

“In a world with social media, streaming video, and MP3s, advertisers need to find new ways to capture the public’s attention,” he argues.

Where do consumers now spend their time? Online, according to McKinsey & Company, which argues that these netizens are ready to purchase (30 percent of consumers are already making purchases online and another 25 percent are considering taking the plunge.) Wolf asks: “What if there was a way to link the traditional print, radio, and television ads with the interactivity of online content?”

Wolf says there is.

“Combining traditional print, radio, and television advertising with online content is possible with the advent of mobile media. With the rise of smartphones, many consumers can immediately access the Internet to seek additional information on products and services that seem intriguing,” Wolf explains.

According to Pew Research, mobile media will be the fastest-growing advertising market over the next several years, with up to $40 billion per annum spent on mobile media advertising by 2017.

Wolf has more to say about this mega market. To read his essay, go here.