Mobile Marketers Gain Push and In-App Messaging Campaign Tracking

Mobile Marketers Gain Push and In-App Messaging Campaign TrackingKochava, a mobile attribution analytics and optimization company, is talking up its newest offering, and one that has mobile marketers taking a close look.

According to details shared with MMW, Kochava is behind a new class of integration through the Kochava Adapter Framework, which integrates “the industry’s best push and in-app messaging providers.”

Kochava designed the Adapter Framework to support its customers’ desires for an omnichannel view of both user acquisition and user re-engagement efforts in a single dashboard.

“Re-engagement of existing users is fundamental to mobile marketing success, and the Kochava platform has always allowed marketers to identify existing high-value users and trigger new targeted acquisition campaigns at the optimal moment,” the company says. “Push and in-app messaging is an important part of the mobile marketing mix and is especially important for re-engagement. With the addition of push and in-app messaging integrations, the Kochava Adapter Framework lets marketers automate their mobile marketing campaigns and analytics through Kochava’s partners and track and understand how their messaging engagement and re-engagement efforts are attributable to their overall mobile media spend.”

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