Mobile Marketers Gain New Capability from Tapstream

Mobile Marketers Gain New Capability from TapstreamOn Thursday, NativeMobile broke the news that Tapstream — a mobile acquisition and growth platform — is introducing Website Install Tracking, a new and free service that lets mobile marketers using Tapstream see a “full-funnel view” of how their website drives app installs and revenues.

“Our website tracking has consistently been a popular feature of our marketing platform,” Tapstream CEO Slaven Radic is quoted in the report.

“As publishers transition from desktop to mobile web, and then to mobile apps, they struggle to come up with the right strategy to move their visitors along,” Radic continues. “The latest revisions to Tapstream Website tracking gives them the information and confidence to move forward, by including the exact metrics on visitors, clicks, installs and revenue their sites generate.”

The new capability shows marketers the following:

  • Number of website visits
  • Number of download clicks
  • Number of app installs
  • Total revenue from each web page

“Our customers approach this data in different ways,” Radic concludes. “We have a number of mobile-savvy publishers using aggressive mobile web interstitials to pitch the benefits of their mobile app. With the right interstitial, these experiments often reach impressive conversion and engagement rates. On the other side of the spectrum, some sites were able to lift their download rates by careful app pitch and placement on their mobile-optimized websites, without interfering with the user experience.”