Mobile-Market Your Way To Vast Piles Of Treasure

Ahoy Mateys!

It’s been a long time since I, Captain Thumb, spoke o’ usin’ mobile technology t’ expand your treaaye chest. Remember tha’ white paper about texting, or SMS? Well, a lot has happened in three years, and now thar be mobile Internet, mobile video, location-based services (also goin’ by th’ moniker LBS)… ’twas enough t’ make me former first mate Stumpy’s head spin. Or should I say, his skull spin, since his skeleton be guardin’ me booty buried at… never mind!

So besides usin’ text-messagin’ t’ communicate t’ your crew, your beauties aft on shore, or another capt’n wiv whom you’re allied, ye have t’ use all these other parts o’ t’ mobile platform.

First, thar be LBS. It’s t’ latest craze among marketers, who can offer specials consumers starboard where they are. It can tell ye where ye be in t’ ocean–and so, can tell ye when thar’s nearby ships t’ plunder! Me Mobile Marketin’ Watch mateys have written all ’bout it; lookee here.

Then thar’s t’ mobile Internet, which in me opinion will be even more important than t’ regular kind, since people can cheaply go online with phones, wherever they be and whatever time o’ day or night. So if ye have a website (and what pirate worth his gold teeth don’t) ye need t’ make aye it’s optimized for mobile. Aye, big-screen smart phones that look just like wee computer screens be gettin’ more popular, but less successful pirates, or victims, might have low-tech handsets. Me MMW mateys tell more about it here.

Mobile video be t’ next big thin’. Me best beauty watched t’ World Cup on her phone. But many content owners, t’ dogs, don’t think they should let their shows be playable on phones. Don’t make t’ same mistake, or you won’t be able t’ post videos o’ your successful plunderin’ in t’ best way t’ find t’ best recruits for your crew! T’ experts at MMW explain it all here.

There ye have it: Captain Thumb’s basic guide t’ mobile marketin’ success for pirates. I’m shovin’ off until next time!