Mobile Made Email Marketing a Bright Spot on Black Friday

Mobile Made Email Marketing a Bright Spot on Black FridayEmail marketing was a big winner on Black Friday. And much of he credit belongs to mobile.

According to new industry data presented by Marketingland, email marketing was both plentiful and effective on Black Friday – even more than it was on Cyber Monday.

The data cited points to 38 percent more email opens occurring on Black Friday than Cyber Monday.

One account of an email marketing success story reveals that nearly 6 out of 10 marketing emails sent on Thanksgiving Day were subsequently opened on smartphones.

At 57.5 percent, Black Friday followed Thanksgiving as the second biggest day for smartphone email open rates. The average marketing email open rate on smartphones for Q3 was 45.5 percent.

In the wake of this staggeringly successful occasion, some are now calling Black Friday the best day of the year for email marketing.