Mobile is the New Marketing Channel of Choice for Wrestling Content

Mobile is the New Marketing Channel of Wrestling ContentBy now, it’s no secret that World Wrestling Entertainment is one of the most powerful and prominent brands on all of social media and a mobile content juggernaut of unprecedented proportions.

So how does this fact impact the ways in which entertainment is consumed?

According to Erin Moore, an acquisitions editor with Sports Entertainment Publishing, mobile has become the go-to channel for a variety of pro wrestling content — from videos to eBooks.

“More wrestling fans are getting their content on mobile than from their desktops and televisions,” says Moore, whose publishing outfit has published bestselling books on wrestling superstars spanning multiple promotions — WWE, WCW, TNA, and more.

Though unaffiliated with WWE (all of their eBooks are unauthorized biographies and true stories of behind the scenes wrestling business antics), the company has seen huge growth over the past year.

“Our newest eBook is generating a lot of downloads on smartphones and tablets and really instructive as to how we need to continue positioning our releases for a mobile-first audience,” Moore says.

This week, the company published “Cut Short,” which relays an unauthorized account of the rise, fall, and holding pattern of the career of Daniel Bryan. It’s a story, the company says, that the “WWE probably doesn’t want fans to read.”

“It’s basically about what’s allegedly happening behind the scenes right now with Daniel Bryan,” Moore tells us, referencing one of the WWE’s top performers.

“Cut Short” is available now on Amazon for $2.99. Check it out here.