Mobile Internet to Drive Big Revnues in China, India

ABI research published Friday that the mobile Internet is on pace to account for 25% of China’s mobile revenues in 2012 – that’s up from less than 23% last year.

By comparison, in India, mobile Internet will represent 19% of this year’s service revenue.

“While the figures demonstrate the robust demand for mobile data across the Asia-Pacific,” the report reads, “they still pale in comparison to the region’s more advanced markets.”

Among the markets alluded to are like Japan (with 40%) and Hong Kong (with 44%).”

“It’s in carriers’ interests to become part of the Internet value chain from early on,” says senior analyst Aapo Markkanen. “Strategic choices, such as those seen in Indonesia, can give operators a more integral role in defining the customer experience in a time when the local digital landscape is still being shaped up. Moreover, such moves also allow them to gain valuable mindshare among local content providers and app developers.”

ABI Research’s market data, “Mobile Financial and Operational Benchmarks: Asia,” forecasts regional and country-level analysis into benchmarks quantifying the usage habits of mobile cellular customers. It’s available now, at cost, here.