Mobile Internet Content Coalition (MICC) Puts Call Out To Recruit New Members

The Mobile Internet Content Coalition (MICC) is a non-profit advocacy group that we’ve covered many times before over the past year.  The organization works on behalf of mobile content providers so they can “continue to innovate and build a rich mobile ecosystem.”

“We want consumers to reap the rewards of a level playing field,” it explains.  “The problem is that the field is not always level, and that’s where the MICC comes in.”  The underlying goal of the organization is to encourage the FCC to recognize that the mobile Internet (including SMS and MMS) should be governed by the same rules of the traditional Internet.   The organization is quickly ramping things up and is now on the hunt for new members.

We’ve heard from the MICC on topics such as mobile operators raising SMS fees, and as a perfect example, the organization plans to get involved with the recent Sprint announcement indicating they plan to initiate a $.005 per message price hike on standard rate text messaging.

If Sprint follows through on the hike, other carriers will most likely follow and the effects on mobile marketers and content providers will be profound.  The move could eat away at profit margins and even cause entire industries to decide to pass on SMS altogether.  Other organizations like the MMA have been relatively quiet when it comes to things like this, and the MICC plans to be yet another voice fighting for an equal playing field in terms of mobile content.

For more information on who the MICC is and how to become a member, you can visit their newly launched website located at