Mobile Inspired War Brewing in Boston

Mobile Inspired War Brewing in BostonAhead of the 4th of July holiday this week, reports surfaced on the East Coast that Boston University is taking Apple to court.

BU says Apple took advantage of a computer engineering professor’s patented electronic semiconductor and benefited financially from his creation by “stuffing it into the world’s most popular devices.”

Filed in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts, BU believes a small electronic component patented by computer engineering professor Theodore D. Moustakas in 1997 can now be found in Apple’s iPhone 5, iPad, and MacBook Air.

“Defendant’s acts of infringement have caused and will continue to cause substantial and irreparable damage to the University,” BU argues in its complaint, according to the Boston Herald.

At stake is a bonanza of cash, thanks to Apple’s habit of breaking sales records left and right. The company sold its 100 millionth iPad last year, and 55 million iPhone 5 units alone were reportedly sold as of May.

Tech analyst Roger Kay of Endpoint Technologies Associates tells the Herald that he “wouldn’t be surprised if a successful verdict or settlement netted BU in the realm of $75 million.”