Mobile Helps Music Festivals Create New Ways to Cross Promote

Mobile Helps Music Festivals Create New Ways to Cross PromoteImagine being at Lollapalooza and a commercial for a sponsor pops up in your phone’s screen when all you want to do is determine who you want to see. You are not going to pay attention to sponsors or promotions at that exact moment. Or even worse, most will not pay any attention at all during a concert itself.

Now instead, let’s say you’re at Bonnaroo and you only booked the basic package. You get there and then receive a text offer to upgrade to a nicer room with better amenities at a discounted price. It’s not during a show or on television where you’re more likely to miss it, but on your smartphone and a calmer junction. The likeliness you take up that offer would increase.

Those who take this measured, time-sensitive approach say that buyer confidence in sponsored products at music festivals has increased significantly in the recent past.

These new sponsor marketing tactics have all added positive benefits to both marketing companies and the music festivals themselves.

Per the observations presented in a new report from IMediaConnection, “Never underestimate the loyalty impact of treating your brands’ fans right. According to eMarketer, one in three concertgoers said they remembered the show partner of the last live event they attended, and 44 percent say music partnerships are the factor that most likely increases their positive feelings toward a sponsor brand — higher than the percentage who said the same for sporting events, TV shows, or award shows. It’s music to a marketer’s ears.”

Perhaps it would be wise to recommend a similar model to other festivals and award celebrations to help increase marketing to other industries as well. For more information on how this cross promoting is helping the music industry, check out the full report from IMediaConnection.