Mobile Helping Brands Reach More People During Sports Events

Mobile Helping Brands Reach More People During Sports EventsThis week, SignalShare — provider of end-to-end consumer engagement solutions for high-density venues — announced a new partnership with DraftKings to provide the company “an unparalleled opportunity” to reach fans during major sporting events.

If you’re not familiar, SignalShare’s consumer engagement platform uses stadiums’ wireless networks to provide advertisers the ability to place their content in front of fans on their mobile devices during the game.

This partnership will put DraftKings in front of the most engaged fans in real time at major sporting events.

SignalShare will display a DraftKings ad to every event participant who logs on to its network during these sporting events. This will help DraftKings reach potential customers already using their mobile devices during the game to browse sports statistics, upload photos to social media and communicate with friends and family.

“Just like SignalShare, DraftKings aims to change the way fans experience sports,” said Aaron Dobrinsky, CEO of SignalShare. “Through this partnership, DraftKings is able to reach and engage with audiences in a way they’ve never been able to before: by appearing directly on fans’ mobile devices when they’re most invested in sports. As a result, fans have access to a stream of timely, relevant advertising content and advertisers like DraftKings are able to get in front of thousands of potential leads.”