Mobile Hairstyle Finder


Quick Site Description:
A mobile site for finding hairstyles.

First Impression:
What a great idea!

I am actually compiling a list of mobile sites I wish I could find. A hairstyle finder was on my list, but not anymore. If you have any thoughts about what mobile sites you wish you could find, please comment and I’ll add your ideas to my list for when I post about it.

What’s Here:
Photos of hairstyles you can use to show your stylist to get the look you want.

Ease of Use/Find Stuff Factor: works great. The photos are organized exactly how they should be, with Women’s at the top (we’re most likely to use the site), Men’s, Kid’s and Celebrity styles are here too. For fun they have a Bad Hair Day section featuring celebrities and real people with bad haircuts. There is also a Salon Finder and Hair Tips.

The hairstyles are in great categories too by length of hair and whether or not the style is straight or curly. Easy to see what you want because the categories are separated by photos.

Best Part:
The photos – finding the right cut is important and then having the photo with you when you get to the salon is also key. combines both.

What’s Missing:
The ability to click on a photo and send it to someone else to get their opinion. This would not only be a great service to customers, it would be a terrific marketing tool for the site too.

Where to Use It:
No where in particular springs to mind, but really anywhere you are with a few minutes to spare and a hair appointment coming up.

Bottom Line:
As long as they keep adding new hairstyle photos to the site I will keep coming back.

4 out of 5

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