Mobile Gets Exclusive on New Unauthorized Donald Trump Book

Mobile Gets Donald Trump Exclusive Campaign TomeBestselling author Ian Fineman opted against the traditional publishing route to once again push his latest work exclusively to the mobile masses.

On Tuesday, Fineman’s latest tome dropped. And it’s already a red-hot read on Amazon today.

To some, he’s a conservative godsend. To others, he’s a carnival barker out of his political league. In bestselling author Ian Fineman’s unauthorized “Donald Trump: The Campaign, the Controversy, and the Conservative Voter’s Dilemma,” readers are afforded what the digital publishing guru calls a “rare, unvarnished look at the real and reverberating consequences of the Donald Trump candidacy for President of the United States.”

From a fascinating exploration of why Trump and his message resonate, to the potential short and long-term consequences on American politics of Trump’s White House bid, Fineman’s fair-minded and eye-opening examination of the political and psychological factors contributing to the Trump phenomenon is a compelling and thought-provoking must-read for political nuts and news junkies striving to make sense of the political spectacle of the century.

The new Trump book is available for $2.99 on Amazon now.