Mobile Gaming on Apple Devices May Get a Boost

Mobile Gaming on Apple Devices May Get a BoostOn Friday, VentureBeat confirmed that Apple partner ARM entered the hardcore graphics technology arena with its acquisition of Geomerics, a company dedicated to advanced lighting and imagery for games.

As the screens and gaming capabilities of mobile devices become more important, ARM will tap Geomerics to create better and better graphics.

Apple fans and avid gamers could stand to benefit from this move as the quality of gaming on the iPad and iPhone could improve dramatically.

“The innovative technologies being developed by Geomerics are already revolutionizing the console gaming experience and are set to rapidly accelerate the transition to photo realistic graphics in mobile,” said Pete Hutton, an executive with ARM. “Empowering Geomerics’ portfolio with ARM’s graphics capabilities and market reach will be transformative for the user experiences in future mobile and entertainment devices.”

As of press time, financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.