Mobile Games the Focus of New Native Ad Exchange

Mobile Games the Focus of New Native Ad ExchangeNative advertising has become one of the hottest marketing strategies in the digital world today. And mobile games are proving to be a major target for native advertising’s proponents.

In fact, NativeX recently announced the launch of its global native ad exchange designed to best monetize free-to-play mobile games.

NativeX says its exchange is the first and only mobile ad exchange built for mobile games, which attract the most activity on iOS and Android devices by far, but are extremely difficult for most developers to monetize.
So how does it work?

Using predictive analytics, the NativeX ad exchange was built to maximize ad revenue for reward and non-reward ad campaigns, regardless of conversion type (CPM, CPC, CPI, CPE, or CPV), including video, interstitials and multi-offer ads (reward and non-reward), as well as featured offer alerts (reward only).

“The mobile game market can’t fully prosper until native ad solutions mature into native monetization tools, and it’s become our mission to focus on mobile game monetization to drive the market to realize its potential,” explains Robert Weber, SVP and co-founder of NativeX. “It is no longer just about targeting the right ad to the right user at the right time. Game developers have unique opportunities to make more money from advertising based on their in-game economies. Our NativeX ad exchange extracts maximum value from every single ad impression.”

To learn more about this innovative new exchange, check it out here.