Mobile Gamers Flocking to iOS Platform

The number of gamers who “game” on their iOS device is exploding.

That’s according to the results of a telling new report from the “International Gamers Survey” courtesy of NewZoo.

Based on the results of the survey, more than half of the 77 million Americans who actively engage in mobile gaming are doing so on an iOS device from Apple – an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, for example.

All told, those numbers translate to about 40 million iDevice mobile gamers in the US today, although some believe that figure is all but certainly higher by now.

The survey, after all, was conducted among 10,000 participants in June 2010. With the iPhone 4’s release and subsequent juggernaut sales in late June, the number of mobile gamers with a shiny new iPhone has largely taken off substantially just in the short time since the survey was conducted.

“Recent growth in the sales figures of the iPod Touch could be an indication that people are increasingly seeing Apple’s portable devices as game platform,” said Peter Warman, NewZoo Managing Director.

“The youth seems to be moving from trying their parents device to buying an iPod Touch for themselves. Being able to start off playing free games is a key advantage of iOS and Android devices and comparable to successful social gaming and MMO business models.”