Mobile for a Good Cause: Full Society’s App Feeds You and Those in Need

Mobile for a Good Cause Full Society’s App Feeds You and Those in NeedHow many times have you been at a bar or restaurant and getting the check can take just as long as getting your meal? With Full Society’s new app, that can all change, while at the same time help those less fortunate.

Finishing up funding through an Indiegogo campaign, Full Society hopes to have this app (yet to be named) out in full mainstream distribution soon.

The personal benefit of this app is eliminating the stress of having to wait for the bill, especially if you are running late for an engagement. However, the greater public benefit to the app is that it also allows you to donate to charity organizations to help those who are hungry.

With the growing number of people who do not have enough to eat, an app that streamlines this type of giving would be very helpful.

According to Retail Customer Experience, “Currently about 46 million Americans struggle with hunger, of which 12 million are children. When the Full Society app is launched and for the remainder of 2015, all donations will go directly to two partnering charities: Helping Up Mission and Paul’s Place.”