Mobile First: AdVoice Launches World’s First Telco Ad Network in India

Going where mobile has never gone before in India, MMW has learned that India’s advertisers can now access India’s largest inventory of targeted mobile audio ads through the continuously globally expanding AdVoice telco ad network.

If you’re not familiar with AdVoice, we’re told that the company enables advertisers to play audio ads to mobile callers.

In effect, this replaces the call-waiting tone of Bharti Airtel subscribers who have opted in for the Reward Tunes service.

AdVoice provides the technology, the online campaign booking platform and manages the ad sales, whereas Bharti Airtel’s network gives advertisers a wider reach than any other media in India.

“The mobile targeted audio ad unlocks 10-15 seconds of a consumer’s undivided attention while initiating a phone call. It is literally in their ear,” a provided statement reads. “There is an astonishing amount of unlocked inventory available considering the statistics: an average of 500 minutes per caller per year is spent on waiting for calls to be picked up. With some 1800 calls per subscriber per year, there is a potential of 1.8 trillion impressions in India.”

Serving these audio ads instead of the traditional call-waiting tone has a wider reach than any other medium, the company says. There is a unprecedented pool of active mobile phone connections in India. Over 1 billion, with 65% of the population still on feature phones, thereof 30% living in media dark rural areas.

Dennis Oudejans, CEO of AdVoice, states that “serving ads during the call-waiting benefts the advertiser with measurability, zero wastage, advanced targeting, captive audiences and lead generating capabilities as callers can express product interest by pressing a key.”