Mobile Experts Tell MMW That Samsung is Making Smart Moves in Mobile

On Thursday, Samsung Electronics rolled out the red carpet for an assortment of new devices with far-reaching appeal, including a cheaper version of its flagship smartphone and two new tablets.

As Samsung announced its new products, one interesting point to note is that there was a heavy emphasis on personalized products for consumers lifestyle.

Roger Entner, Lead Analyst and Founder of Recon Analytics, tells MMW that Samsung” is rounding out its product family to give something for everyone.”

“For the outdoorsy or family people, a water and dust proof Galaxy phone, a smaller version of the Galaxy for people with smaller pockets, and a high-end camera with Android,” Entner says. “The tablet family splits up too with more flavors most notably adding Windows to the line up that was previously Android only.”

Sephi Shapira, CEO of MassiveImpact, also noticed the profound emphasis on personalization.

“Mobile presents the most personalized communication/entertainment experience ever in history, all packed- into-one and Samsung is smart enough to realize that and continually expand its feature range (camera, cross-device data sync, water resistance and more),” Shapira says.

“Mobile marketing technology providers should take a similar approach and leverage this experience, allowing for individualized marketing based on users’ mobile consumption habits and  ensure that advertisers actually meet their clients at THEIR own playing field, catering to everyday needs,” Shapira adds. “Samsung is also showing good understanding of price-sensitivity, whereas in developing countries, the price point still remains an issue despite service providers’ attempt to subsidize higher-end phones. By expanding its offering and device range, Samsung is going after these markets, hoping to gain its own share in sizable markets such as China, India and others.”