Mobile Email Marketing Tips

Is he reading your email?This week I came across two excellent resources about email marketing specifically as it relates to mobile. Because so many people are now checking email on their mobile devices this advice is particularly timely. Any smart marketer would be wise to pay attention to this phenomenon and take appropriate action.

DM News
E-mail marketing is on the move

In this article four experts provided their advice about mobile email marketing. The points included in this piece include: keeping the formatting simple and able to open on as many different devices as possible. All four of the experts in the column were clear that strategic action is necessary.

Mike Thompson, Chief deliverability officer, ClickSquared, suggests creating a specific opt-in list just for your readers who want to get your email on their mobile devices. Eydie Cubarrubia,Marketing communications manager, mobileStorm, says to craft your messages carefully knowing that they will be read in a mobile environment. Greg Cangialosi, CEO, Blue Sky Factory makes the point that the increased demand for mobile e-mail requires a strategic response by e-mail marketers. Len Shneyder, Director of partner relations & individual communications, Pivotal Veracity, says that focusing on high quality content is most important.

Dell Small Business Blog

Mobile Email Marketing Quick Tips

John Arnold, author of Email Marketing for Dummies, writes this blog post containing five practical and actionable tips about what to do to make your email marketing work for mobile users. My favorite tip of the five (which were all great) is to “try creating a 150 pixel-wide mobile summary version of your email and link to it at the top of your email.” What a terrific idea. I am going to do that with my e-zine starting this week.

What does your company do to ensure your emails are mobile friendly?