Mobile Driving Big Business for HSN

Mobile Driving Big Business for HSNMobile is giving new live to the venerable Home Shopping Network, the cable TV shopping destination of millions who once turned to HSN at a time when eCommerce wasn’t quite the accessible and booming industry that it is today.

Although HSN lost some of its steam as the digital era began, the Wall Street Journal reports that the company’s CEO has managed to do that which previously leadership could not: capitalize on mobile’s momentum.

When Mindy Grossman took over as CEO of HSN Inc. five years ago, she was up against naysayers who said the Home Shopping Network¬† would die in the digital age. True, Home Shopping Network had a reputation of C-list celebrities selling rhinestone jewelry and miracle skin creams to couch potatoes. But digital hasn’t been the death of HSN, by any means.

Today, more than half of all new HSN customers come from the mobile channel, Grossman admits.

“HSN had underinvested over the years and Mindy is playing catch up,” Ben Mogil, an analyst at Stifel Nicolaus, tells the WSJ. “The challenge now is executing her plan and attracting more customers in a challenging market.”

The company now sees an estimated $3.3 billion in annual sales – and climbing – thanks to the added growth among the network’s burgeoning community of mobile shoppers.