Mobile Devices in The Workplace: An Employer’s Dilemma

Mobile Devices in The Workplace An Employer's DilemmaNot withstanding the lingering security and productivity worries born of BYOD, employers are showing a greater willingness to accept employee-owned devices in place of company-provided smartphones.

A recent study conducted by Fiberlink reveals that employers are actually more inclined to let employee-owned mobile phones access cloud-doc backup and a host of other online media storage and streaming platforms.

“Most of our customers are taking a hybrid approach. There is really no fully BYOD or fully corporate-owned shop. It’s somewhere in between for 95 percent of the people,” explains Neil Florio, vice president of marketing at Fiberlink, in a recent interview with FierceMobileIT.

Fiberlink published the following infographic to highlight the realities and corresponding dillemas born of mobile devices in the workplace.