Mobile Devices Getting ‘HOT’ on Kickstarter

Mobile Devices Getting 'HOT' on KickstarterHOT Watch (an acronym for “Hands On Talk”) is making waves this week following Wednesday’s launch of a new Kickstarter campaign designed to give this innovative creation a running start in the increasingly competitive field of wearable technology.

The HOT Watch is billed as a complete smart-watch solution boasting multi-touch, gestures, a multitude of popular features, functionality, convenience, long battery life, safety and style.

PH Technical Labs is behind the device, which allows users to make and receive private phone calls directly from the watch.

The user sees the caller’s name/number and simply holds the watch-hand-palm up to his/her ear, speaks into the built-in microphone and listens via simplistic, yet innovative “palm and sound waves” technology (i.e. the receiving voice is amplified by the user’s palm.)

“We set out to create the best Smartwatch on the market, while also setting your hands free from your mobile phone for most daily functions,” states PH Technical Labs President Shariq Hamid.

To learn more about HOT Watch, check out its official page on  the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter here.