Mobile Devices Claim 10% of All YouTube Downloads, Says Google

YouTube is a popular destination for mobile users. According to YouTube director of global platform partnerships Francisco Varela, mobile users are responsible for about 10% of all videos downloaded from Google’s ultra-popular video sharing platform.

Coverage from Mobile World Live at the Huawei Global Mobile Broadband Forum 2011, where Varela spoke, revealed that YouTube subscribers are using mobile devices to create content at a rapid pace..

More than two hours of video is uploaded from devices every minute, Google revealed, with Varela adding that Google and YouTube are “working to optimize use of the mobile network, for example offering different default quality depending on infrastructure type.”

From CNN:

Google gives content providers the ability to opt out of putting their videos on mobile devices. But when the in-stream ad technology was launched, Vevo, one of YouTube’s biggest content partners, was able to generate revenue from ads. As a result, Vevo began allowing its music videos to be viewed on phones. YouTube streams on mobile devices have doubled since then, reaching more than 400 million views per day this month, up from about 200 million in March, according to Google.

“People want to view the same videos, the same way that they can online,” says Varela, speaking to YouTube’s expanding ability to generate revenue both for Google and its content providers. “More monetization means a lot more content, means more views.”

Google has ballooned its YouTube mobile ad sales by a factor of five this year, CNN confirms, although Google won’t reveal how many videos are available on mobile devices as compared to the desktop version.