Mobile Devices Are Central to Forthcoming ‘Steve Jobs Schools’

Mobile Devices Are Central to Forthcoming 'Steve Jobs Schools'In March of 2013, educators in the Netherlands made headlines with their plan to develop “Steve Jobs schools.”

Hoping to bring the late Apple co-founder’s vision for technology’s vital presence in the classroom one step closer to reality, the plan called for the design of an entirely iPad-based education system.

This week, Spiegel Online International reported that eleven “Steve Jobs schools” are coming this summer. The first school is set to open in August.

The report notes that approximately 1,000 children (ages 4-12) will attend the schools. They’ll be there without pens, paper, notebooks, books, or the usual school supplies with which we all grew up.

Each student, however, will have one thing we didn’t: an iPad.

Only in exceptional cases will a teacher direct classes in groups. Normally, the children will learn by calling up a learning app on their iPad — which will be turned into a sort of interactive, multimedia schoolbook — whenever they want.

The Steve Jobs schools will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 every workday.