Mobile Devices a Must for New Oprah Book

Mobile Devices a Must for New Oprah BookOnce again illustrating the compelling advantage of digital publishing over traditional print, a controversial new ebook from the bestselling publisher of celebrity biographies spanning Steve Jobs to Paula Deen, explores America’s long love affair with Oprah Winfrey.

The eBook exclusive is billed as a “brutually honest” unauthorized look at how and why American TV viewers have “fallen out of love” with Oprah in recent years.

“From her harrowing upbringing in the South to her unlikely success on a global scale, Oprah Winfrey’s brand is now inescapably synonymous with empowering women, advancing education, and enlightening the masses,” the publisher says in a press release issued Tuesday. “But after 25 years atop daytime television ratings, Oprah Winfrey has fallen far from the media throne she once occupied.”

Following her public support of Barack Obama in 2008 and her fateful decision to launch an instantly-troubled cable television network, Oprah Winfrey has taken enormous risks that have yielded disastrous results. So is America’s love affair with Oprah finally over? Or will the resilient queen of all media preside over an inspiring comeback against the expectation of many?

Not surprisingly, Oprah fans and critics alike are flocking to their iPads, Kindles, and smartphones to download “The End of Oprah: Why America’s Love Affair with Oprah May Be Over,” available now for $3.99.