Mobile Developers Holding Their Ground on NFC

Mobile Developers Holding Their Ground on NFCDespite the slower-than-anticipated global adoption of NFC technology among leading mobile devices, developers are holding their ground and remaining committed to the inevitable bright future of near field communications technology in mobile.

According to the findings of a recent Evans Data survey, 31 percent of developers currently support NFC in some capacity. More importantly, however, 45 percent intend to support NFC within the next twelve months.

“It’s clear that (NFC) is going to change the way we perform everyday actions such as opening a locked door, getting on an airplane or making a purchase at a store,” the survey summary reads. “But developers also have plans for the technology that include games, measurements and connections to appliances, cars or other devices. The extent to which NFC will impact us is only constrained by the imagination of the developers.”

As more leading mobile devices – like Apple’s iPhone – eventually join the NFC party, more developers will make NFC a priority. The data from Evans shows that more than 70 percent of developers say they optimize their apps to capitalize on device capabilities. Once NFC becomes a mainstay device capability, support will be resounding and nearly universal.