Mobile Coupons Still Leading Location-Based Marketing

Location-based marketing is a method that has a lot of potential, but relies heavily on the technology of mobile devices to really reach ubiquitous use by consumers.  As the transition to devices with GPS chips and enhanced triangulation technology, location-based services and advertising are finally coming into mainstream.

Mobile coupons, however, still remain the driving force in delivering true,  location-aware marketing to the masses and new services and start-ups are introduced everyday it seems.  Nowadays, marketers are able to identify where consumers are and push mobile coupons to them thanks to several new mobile marketing platforms. These new apps all offer easy redemption at point of sale, pay-for-performance fees and real-time campaign tracking, which are becoming staples of any mobile marketing campaign.

Knowing ones location automatically is crucial, apps automatically retrieve coupons via GPS negating the need for consumers to browse for offers, memorize SMS shortcodes or play with zip codes.  Redemption is also simple – after downloading the coupon, consumers display it on their mobile phone screen and show it to the store cashier.  The latter is still up for debate, whether to implement special barcode scanners at the point-of-sale, or to simply use special codes that can simply be typed into POSs.  Either way, the technology is catching on strong.

Some mobile coupon apps are already making their way onto Apple’s App Store and becoming very popular with consumers, and CellFire, a leading provider of digital coupon technology, is growing rapidly and seeding its technology to many other companies and retail outlets to implement.  While still evolving, location-based marketing wouldn’t be where it is today without the growing use (and need) of mobile coupons.