Mobile Coupons are a Knockout Punch

According to USA Today’s article Coupon clicking: Sweet sound for Web marketers consumers are actively seeking out coupons online and coupon redemption has risen 7.5% in the fourth quarter of 2008. To take advantage of this marketers are beefing up their buys on search terms to include terms like “coupons” and “discounts.”

The article states that “the Web is the fastest frowning coupon distribution medium for big marketers, up 80% in 2008.”

It seems that mobile coupons have impressive statistics as well. According to RCR Wireless, a recent mobile coupon campaign done by Kroger had a whopping 20% redemption rate compared to a typical 2% redemption rate for paper coupons.

So it seems that a web offer with mobile delivery of coupons is a smart one-two punch for marketers. Catch consumers attention on the web where they are already looking for coupons and then tell them how to get the coupons delivered automatically in the one device they never go anywhere without.