Mobile Content Already Taking Over Online Advertising?

There was an interesting article over at Seeking Alpha that suggested that the mobile content market, growing as rapidly as it has in record time, is already set to overtake the online advertising market as soon as sometime this year.  

While this might be an over-optimistic theory, it’s very possible that 2009 will be the year that mobile content, and the subsequent integrated advertising, will outgrow the online-based market.  Research firm Strategy Analytics forecasts the value of the mobile content market, including downloadable games, ringtones, wallpapers, video, mobile TV, text alerts and mobile web browsing- to grow 18 percent to $67 billion this year. 

This number doesn’t even reflect the rapid growth of the mobile-app market that has the potential to soon dominate mobile content and mobile marketing all together.  Still, the numbers are impressive, and the time in which the market has grown is even more impressive.  

As the types of mobile content diversify and new technologies and methods are introduced, the opportunities for mobile marketing will be as prevelant as ever.  ROI and overall effectivemess is much higher with mobile than with online advertising, so as the content market evolves, mobile marketing will prove to be a much better choice for any type of advertiser- large and small.