Mobile Connections Pass 4 Billion Worldwide

In case you haven’t heard, mobile connections have crossed the 4 billion mark around the world, industry association GSMA said on Wednesday. Around the world, those connections are predicted to increase to 6 billion by 2013.

Representing 750 mobile operators worldwide, the GSMA has accurate stats on the growth of the global mobile market. Still, it’s not clear exactly how many mobile users there are out there, since, of course, some people have more than one mobile phone and number, and in developing countries phones may be shared.

Give or take a few thousand users, the 4 billion mark is huge for the mobile industry.

The information came from GSMA’s market intelligence unit called Wireless Intelligence. The Mobile World Congress starts Feb 16th in Barcelona, and you can bet one of the big topics will be how to keep up with the growth, even in slowing an otherwise stinted economy.

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