Mobile Commerce Videos

Tellabs has produced some mobile commerce videos if you haven’t seen these. In fact they launched a totally separate new website.

Honestly, I didn’t even know Tellabs was in the mobile space, did you? I know Tellabs from my job. At one time we distributed their equipment but it’s been a while, a long while in fact.

When Verizon did my FiOS install a few Months ago they terminated to a Tellabs Ethernet Media Convertor on the side of my house. So, chances are if you have a FiOS connection you might also have a Tellabs box bolted to the outside of your house. It’s a Fiber in Ethernet out device.

I found the series advertised on RCR WN. They shoulda just YouTube`d these things instead of paying advertising dollars to get the word out. Anyhow, here they are.

  1. Driving Change in Mobile Backhaul Part One: Where Are We Now.
  2. Driving Change in Mobile Backhaul Part Two: The Evolution and Promise.

You’ll also find a bunch of mobile podcasts and videos on the site too.