Mobile Commerce is Livin’ La Vida ViVOtech

2012 is less than a month old, and yet we’ve already seen no shortage of major mCommerce and NFC-related announcements out of the tech world in this new year.

Today, that trend continues, as ViVOtech – the near field communication (NFC) software and systems company – raised the curtain on ViVOtouch, a mobile marketing software platform.

According to details provided in the announcement, the platorm in question “enables retailers to deliver personalized content, offers and loyalty programs to customers, while enabling interactive shopping experiences with NFC-enabled mobile devices – all in real-time.”

With ViVOtouch, merchants, mall operators, coupon issuers and service providers are able to instantly deliver customized content to shoppers’ mobile devices based on their profile, location and interests.

Consumers have the ability to “check in” with a simple tap or wave of their NFC device at the entrance of a store or mall, prompting a merchant’s current promotions, offers and rewards to be sent directly to their device.

ViVOtouch can also be triggered using QR code scan, SMS short code, cellular or Wi-Fi triangulation or website-initiated opt-in.

“ViVOtouch gives merchants a powerful marketing tool to influence their customers in real time, provide tailored and targeted campaigns as well as gather powerful insights about shopping behavior that is simply unavailable through legacy point-of-sale systems,” says Mohammad Khan, president of ViVOtech. “With ViVOtouch, consumers can tap their phone on a shelf tag to instantly retrieve product information, personalized offers and user product ratings for an informed shopping decision, which simultaneously provides shopper insights to the retailer.”