Mobile Campaign Shows Real Results for Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube may be in the mobile marketing business to stay. After a recent advertising blitze that featured mobile coupons proved to yield significant redemption (including approximately 50 percent from new customers) the program, which was crafted by Clear Channel with the aid of HipCricket, seems to be working.

Beginning in September, 105.1 Channel Q (KCCQ, Ames, Iowa) ran a promotion that offered listeners “the chance to win free oil changes for a year, if they texted the word JIFFY to 55981.”

All who entered received a mobile coupon that included a discount on various Jiffy Lube services, including oil changes, wiper blades, tire rotations and filters. Of those who redeemed the mobile coupon, approximately 50 percent were new customers.

“We’re reaching a new market of consumers that our traditional advertising hasn’t been effectively targeting,” said Andrew Storjohann, general manager of Jiffy Lube of Ames. “Roughly 50 percent of the respondents have been from new households and our other advertising methods only bring in 20 percent.”

“I appreciate the trackability that HipCricket provides my radio campaigns,” said Kris Barrientos, account executive at KCCQ. “It enables Jiffy Lube, who has a system of coding all their coupons, to see their mobile marketing results, compute ROI and compare them with their other advertising,” she said. “Now we have quantifiable data to discuss, something not typical for radio.”

HipCricket has twice been given a pioneer award from CTIA – The Wireless Association and NeuStar for its leadership in the use of short codes.