Mobile Browsers Responsible for Growing Percentage of All Global Web Browsing

According to the freshly published Net Applications‘ monthly tallies, mobile phones and tablets now account for more than 5% of global web browsing.

In the United States alone, however, that percentage is even higher – 8.2%.

In terms of the most popular mobile devices American users browse the web with, the iPhone leads the pack with 2.9%. Android phones are next with 2.6%. The iPad claims 2.1%, and BlackBerry phones take all but 0.6%.

Although the iPad is widely used for digital content absorption and video gaming purposes, people are clearly using their iPads to browse the web, perhaps more than most industry analysts even realized ahead of today’s report.

Although the percentages discussed above appear minuscule, Stephen Shankland of CNET reminds us that small numbers conceal big populations.

“Fractions of a percent are small, but given how many millions of people use the Web, each tenth of a percent represents a vast number of people in absolute terms,” Shankland says.

To read more about the report and the falling fortunes of the desktop web browsers of the world, check out Shankland’s report courtesy of CNET.