Mobile Bot Traffic Growing at Alarming Rate

Mobile Bot Traffic Growing at Alarming RateWith the well-known spread of mobile malware escalating at an alarming speed, it comes as little surprise that suspicious traffic from mobile devices is similarly on the rise.

Based on the findings of a new report from CAPTCHA-based advertising firm Solve Media, the aforementioned suspicious traffic from mobile devices ballooned 30 percent last year, accounting for 25 percent of all U.S. mobile traffic.

According to a report summary produced Wednesday by TechCrunch, suspicious web traffic across Solve’s network jumped by nearly 40 percent during the last twelve month and now accounts for more than half of all traffic.

“Just because the traffic is suspicious doesn’t mean it has to be a bot,” the report cautions, although Solve says that about 72 percent of the suspicious traffic is “definitely from bots.”

“With U.S. advertising budgets expected to top $182B by 2015, brands and publishers must both commit to adopting fraud prevention measures now,” explains Solve Media’s CEO Ari Jacoby. “Aggressive botnet operators are not only stealing marketers’ hard fought budgets, they’re also creating false results on campaign performance.”