Mobile Barcode Scanning Up 700% In 2010

Data from a new consumer adoption survey sponsored by ScanBuy indicates mobile barcode scanning is up a whopping 700% in 2010.

Through the proliferation of apps like ShopSavvy, CheckPoints, RedLaser, ShopKick and a slew of others, the act of scanning a barcode — whether on a product in a retail environment or via interactive advertising — has become increasingly popular and accepted by consumers.  Though still a concept that’s mostly reserved for early adopters, mobile barcodes are beginning to make their way into the mainstream.

The report, which focuses solely on barcode usage as seen from ScanBuy’s network, shows some interesting statistics — although limited in scope.  Still, the report shows that there were more barcode scans in July of this year alone, than in all of 2009.  In addition, Android was the most popular platform in terms of barcode scanning, with 45% of all users, and linking to a Website was the most popular action derived from a mobile barcode scan.

While the concept is obviously growing in the US, we still don’t hold a candle to Japan.  With Japanese consumers, 86% of consumers scan four or more times a month, 81% of consumers scan for discounts and coupons, 67% scan to navigate to a website rather than typing the URL, 52% scan ads seeking more information and 39% scan to win prizes.