Mobile Bandwidth Usage Continues to Explode

Allot Communications Ltd. has released the findings of its Allot MobileTrends Report, which indicates significant growth in mobile bandwidth usage during the first six months of 2010.

Overall, mobile data bandwidth usage increased a substantial 68% during the period.

According to the findings – and not surprisingly – video streaming applications account for the bulk of the bandwidth usage in question. Video streaming is the “single largest growing application type” with a 92% increase, a reality born as a result of hugely popular streaming video sites like YouTube.

“The results of our latest MobileTrends Report reinforces that mobile broadband operators continue to face growing challenges as subscribers demand real-time content through an array of smartphones and Internet devices,” said Rami Hadar, CEO of Allot Communications.

“The findings also clearly demonstrate the close ties between mobile broadband and social networking. Whether it’s YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, social networking via mobile devices is becoming a ‘must have’ for subscribers and we expect that this is just the beginning.”

Findings from the Allot MobileTrends Report also include:

· YouTube now solely accounts for 13% of mobile data bandwidth.

· P2P and HTTP downloads together represent a significant 31% of mobile bandwidth, with an aggregate growth rate of 80%.

· VoIP and IM grew by 84%. Skype remains the undisputed VoIP market leader, accounting for 83% of mobile VoIP bandwidth.