Mobile Backup Applications

Fastlink Logo I’ve been wondering lately when we’d start seeing mobile backup applications. I’ve even exchanged some thoughts on the subject with one executive of an online backup company which I won’t name because I’ve not asked for permission to disclose any of the email exchange. I can tell you that the idea wasn’t new to their organization, and they’ve had some internal conversations about it. Hopefully, I’ll get some scoop`age if they decide to move forward. I know I’d be willing to pay for this type of service. Especially, if I could access my mobile phone backups from any web browser.

Meanwhile, Fastlink launched a Java based mobile backup application for its users in Jordan. By simply texting the word “backup” to a shortcode the java app kicks in and starts back channeling the data via a GPRS channel. I think we’re going to see more of this coming in the form of portable backups so that users can freely switch devices and connect to their online backup to load information.

What features would you want in your mobile backup application?