Mobile Apps: The Year’s Hottest Digital Stocking Stuffers

It’s the holiday shopping dilemma we’ve all faced: not knowing what to get the guy or gal who has it all.

For those unlucky shoppers with friends and family who are simply impossible to shop for, here’s a suggestion to take your holiday shopping outside the box. This holiday season, why not give the gift of a mobile app?

If so, you’ll be among millions of smartphone users around the world who are expected to do so. From app store gift cards to direct digital purchases, mobile apps have become the perfect digital stocking stuffers.

Although the world’s leading app stores contain more than one billion applications, finding a thoughtful app couldn’t be easier if you’re looking to gift that which everyone needs more of: sleep.

One of the hottest apps to arrive on iOS and Android this year, Sleep Genius can definitely help users start 2014 well-rested and ready to tackle those New Year’s resolutions.

sleepgeniusWith the CDC declaring sleep deprivation a national epidemic, a record number of Americans are turning to prescription and over-the-counter medicinal sleep aids. But the potentially negative effects caused by sleep-inducing medications over prolonged periods are prompting a growing number of doctors and sleep specialists to prescribe technology over pills.

Sleep Genius is a neuroscience-based sleep app that has quickly earned a reputation for being the most scientifically advanced and effective sleep app on the market. Sleep Genius delivers to the bedroom groundbreaking technology backed by decades of research from leading experts in neuroscience, sleep, and music that actually delivers a solution proven to help users get to sleep faster and benefit from more quality sleep.

So, after the out-of-control costs and calories that routinely accompany the holidays, what sounds better than a better night’s sleep?

To learn more about gifting apps (like how to do it), check out the official how-to page from Apple here. For Android users, click here.