Mobile Apps Are Just What The Doctored Ordered in Los Angeles

It’s hailed as a “simple yet revolutionary new telemedicine application.”

Meet OmniaMD. Launched late last month and profiled recently by our sister site mHealthWatch, this new platform is officially seeing patients and recruiting board-certified physicians in California.

Created by Newport Beach Cardiologist and Harvard Medical School graduate Dr. Jorge Castellanos and former Cedars-Sinai RN Lauren Timpe, OmniaMD connects doctors and patients through iOS-based video calls on-demand for a flat rate of $59.

We’re told that no insurance is needed.

OmniaMD uses a proprietary, encrypted connection in order for its board-certified physician team to securely connect with a patient. The patient pays a flat fee of $59 per video call, and insurance is not currently needed nor accepted. OmniaMD physicians assess the condition of the patient based on a visual and verbal consultation and provide medical advice or a prescription.

“Seeing a doctor is not as easy as it should be. We built OmniaMD to break down the barriers between doctor and patient, and allow them to connect face-to-face at any time. OmniaMD enriches the doctor-patient relationship, and gets the people the help they need right when they need it,” said Dr. Jorge Castellanos, co-founder of OmniaMD.

To learn more, check out OmniaMD here.