Mobile Apps: Home is Where the Hazards Are

Mobile Apps Home is Where the Hazards AreThe No. 1 source for malicious and highly risky mobile applications that target iOS and Android devices is the U.S.

That’s the latest — and infinitely unsettling news — from Marble Security, Inc.

On the list of nation’s with the most malicious apps, the U.S. handily leads the world, followed by China, India, Korea and Taiwan.

Despite coming in second as the source of the highest number of risky apps, nearly one in 10 mobile apps from China puts smartphone users at risk, according to an analysis of more than 1 million apps by Marble Security, Inc.

Dave Jevans, founder and chief technology officer at Marble Security, says mobile apps “present mobile users with a dizzying list of permissions, which they accept with little or no thought. But analysis shows many apps play fast and loose with contacts, file permissions with online sites such as Dropbox, Web browsing histories and more. These risks are poorly understood by mobile users and the enterprises that employ them, but they are a fertile ground for hackers and identity thieves.”

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